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Dead Man’s Trail Dream Drop

Dead Man’s Trail Dream Drop

Pirates return to the rough seas and sail deep into unknown territories reaching the bountiful Trail
Bonus or the Dream Drop Trail, where 5 different jackpots are hidden beneath the surface. A pirate
map unfolds to guide them through the mystery laid in every tile, as they hunt for epic wins! Then
it’s time to make their move, they can take 1-9 steps per turn, each tile triggers a reaction; in the
Trail Bonus it can be anything from multipliers, to collection symbols, or random coin wins, but in the
Dream Drop Trail every step brings them closer to the coveted jackpots!

Back on the reels, landing coin symbols on 3 or more reels triggers the Coin Feature, a welcome
loot awarding the total amount of visible coins.

Pirates stare death in the face in Dead Man’s Trail, where fortune favours the brave.

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