First Look Games

Connecting Game Studios with iGaming Affiliates


About First Look Games

First Look Games was set up in 2018 to provide the link between game developers and iGaming affiliates and publishers, providing game information and content about latest releases and full game libraries before anybody else. Great news for affiliates… great news for game developers.

Why Should I Register with First Look Games?

Built by iGaming affiliate marketing experts, First Look Games is a hub for casino affiliates around the world to access marketing assets and game information from the industry’s leading & most innovative game providers. Our team has worked directly with the world’s leading iGaming affiliates for a total of over 50 years, meaning game studios can trust us to ensure that not only does their content achieve maximum exposure across the First Look Games publisher network, but that it is done accurately and responsibly to an audience of over 13.75 million players worldwide.

What Games Are Featured?

First Look Games offers publishers access to a huge catalogue of online casino games, from established, market-leading providers such as Microgaming, Big Time Gaming and Quickspin to smaller, highly innovative studios such as Reel Play and 2BY2 Gaming.

We are constantly adding to our list of game developers keen to serve their content to affiliates, targeting online casino markets all over the world.

What is Accuracy Management?

We provide a ground-breaking free service to publishers designed to improve the user experience players enjoy on their websites & our game studio partners’ games.

Publishers are informed of details of inaccuracies (relating to: RTP%, number of paylines & number of reels) in any of the game reviews or content they publish on their websites and social media profiles for the games featured in First Look Games.

What is First Look Premium?

First Look Premium is a product enabling game developers the opportunity to maximise exposure of a premium game release. It includes giving publishers and affiliates ‘first look’ rights on the game information and assets, at least 2 weeks prior to launch. This is supported by communication of the release to our publisher/affiliate network, allowing our game developer partners the opportunity to provide our affiliates with all the necessary information, selling points and innovative features their games have to allow more effective, accurate and widespread coverage of the game across the network.

Alongside this, our First Look Premium partners benefit from our partnership with iGaming Business, ensuring that the game is not only launched to millions of players in our publisher network, but also to the industry’s key operator executives and broader affiliate market.

From a publisher perspective, access to First Look Premium carries significant SEO advantage, as well as the benefit of receiving information directly from the game developers themselves – guaranteeing the provenance of the material you’re using to promote games.

What is the Game Library?

The Game Library is an environment which allows game developers to share, for as many games in their catalogue as they wish, all game information, images, gameplay videos, demos and game sheets with affiliates and publishers. Affiliates and publishers can then use this info and assets to construct accurate reviews of the games alongside the work they do with operator partners. Uploading to and downloading from the Game Library is a straight forward process in our custom-built system.

Is there a White Label Version for Game Studios?

First Look Games offers a full white label version of our product, which provides game studios with a standalone client area and enables platform providers a unique opportunity to offer their third party game developer partners a fresh marketing approach to get their games directly in front of over 13.75 million casino players worldwide.

How Much Does It Cost?


  • Access to Game Library: Free
  • Access to First Look Premium: Free*
  • Accuracy Management Service: Free

*In accessing First Look Premium game information & assets, you commit to promoting the game

Game Developers

First Look Games caters to Game Developers of all sizes:

  • Start-Up – been around for under 2 years? Add assets and information for up to 10 games, which are served to affiliates, building initial exposure at no cost
  • StandardMinimum £750 per month – £10 per existing game per month, £600 per First Look Premium Release – our full service package harnessing the power of First Look Games to build accurate, marketing coverage of your games
  • White Label Client Areas for Game Studios & Platforms – Contact Us for Pricing