Connecting Game Studios and Affiliates.
Connecting Game Studios and Affiliates.
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First Look Games is the ultimate vehicle for game studios to connect directly with those people and businesses responsible for promoting your content to new customers – affiliate publishers.

The products we have developed at FLG enable both parties to maximise marketing efforts to launch new games with optimum reach, accuracy & compliance.

Here is how it all works for game studios:

Quick and easy account setup for game studios. Post-registration, a dedicated representative from First Look Games will guide you through the comprehensive onboarding process to ensure your marketing assets are fully integrated.
Studio Management
Begin by exploring the Studio Management dashboard, a central hub for updating company information, sharing website and social media links, and detailing licences and market operations. It’s your first step towards a successful partnership with FLG.
Game Library
Effortlessly upload your game’s marketing assets to our library, a process designed to take no more than 5 minutes per game. For larger catalogues, bulk options simplify the process. A Client Services Manager will assist you at every step, ensuring ongoing support for future additions.

First Look Premium

First Look Premium offers enhanced exposure and multiple publisher touchpoints for your headline game launches, especially those with unique features. Ensure marketing assets are uploaded two weeks before launch for optimal review success and search engine ranking.

Additionally, our partnerships with key iGaming publications and social media channels extend your reach to over 50,000 industry professionals.

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What the Studios are Saying About us

First Look Games prioritises precision with a robust quality control system

By capturing key game KPIs and tracking publisher reviews, any discrepancies are swiftly identified.

Our platform alerts publishers to these variances for prompt correction, maintaining data integrity across the board.

Stay current with the latest game studio developments on FLG

Upload news to your account for publisher awareness and feature in our select communications.

>Announce game launches, market expansions, novel mechanics, and key business deals to keep publishers informed and engaged.

Our Demo Game Server is a testament to security and compliance, especially with the UKGC

Game studios are encouraged to provide demo links, ensuring games are accessible only on verified domains.

Advanced geo-location and age verification checks are in place to guarantee UK player eligibility.

FLG’s live dashboard provides studios with comprehensive metrics tracking.

Monitor everything from download trends and review sentiments to overall market performance.

Benefit from monthly summaries, and after a Premium launch, receive in-depth reports on your B2B marketing reach.

Elevate your online presence with our White Label solution.

Perfect for creating a bespoke Client Area, our platform offers a secure, fully customizable, and brand-integrated experience to enhance your digital interface.

Frequently Asked Questions

Questions & Answers

Here are some Game Studio related FAQs.

How much does First Look Games cost for Game Studios?
Our prices start at £750 per month for game studio partners. Full details can be found on our Pricing page
How does your age verification work?
Our Demo Game Server (DGS) product utilises industry-leading age verification software provided by 1account. Affiliates embed demo games from the DGS to their websites and when a visitor from the UK attempts to play the demo game, they must first undertake a seemless age verification process to prove that they are over 18.
How can we work with your affiliates?
First Look Games has over 800 publishers (affiliates) using the platform. We do not formally introduce you to them, but they love accessing the marketing assets for your games to help them create and enhance reviews to showcase to their player audiences around the world. Quite simply, the more games, news and marketing assets you add to the platform, the greater the exposure with affiliates will be
We're launching in to new markets. How can FLG help?
Affiliates are the ultimate vehicle to explore and develop new territories for both operators and game studios. FLG’s publishers command an ever-growing global audience to assist in this and the tools and features we offer are designed to maximise collaboration between studio and publisher by market

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