Connecting Game Studios and Affiliates.
Connecting Game Studios and Affiliates.
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Find out how First Look Games works for Publishers.

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First Look Games provides a one-stop shop for publishers to learn about the latest casino game releases from behemoth game providers like Microgaming and SG Digital to new, up-and-coming game studios like Peter & Sons and Lucksome.

Our platform allows affiliate publishers to download marketing assets such as images, videos and game information sheets, and also provides a whole host of other features that make the creation of game reviews more efficient than ever.
Opening an account with and using FLG is COMPLETELY FREE for publishers. As well as agreeing to our terms and conditions you follow these simple steps:

Provide a Valid Business Email
Ensuring we have a direct line of communication is crucial. Please provide a business email address where we can reach you for updates, support, and more.
Provide a Current Affiliate Website
Share with us the URL of the affiliate website where you will be publishing your reviews. This helps us understand your platform and audience better.
Account Approval
Our team works diligently to ensure a swift approval process. Manual approval of your account shouldn’t take longer than 24 hours. We appreciate your patience as we verify the information provided to maintain the integrity of our platform.

First Look Premium releases are spotlighted for their unique or new features, aiming to maximise exposure.

These titles, often introducing innovative game mechanics, receive headline status on our platform. Marketing materials for these games are made available at least two weeks before launch. By accessing these assets early, you commit to crafting a review for the game, contributing to its promotional momentum.

First Look Premium releases receive additional coverage in the platform.

They are headline games that our game studios are looking to maximise exposure, quite often because the game contains a new or unique feature. Marketing assets for these titles are released on the platform at least 2 weeks prior to the game’s launch. In accessing these prior to launch, you’re committing to creating a review for the game

First Look Games ingests important KPIs (such as RTP, Number of Paylines and Number of Reels) of the casino games in the platform

We monitor the reviews publishers create, identifying any inaccurate data that does not match the KPIs logged in FLG. Publishers are then notified of these and encouraged to amend the content in line with the accurate KPIs.

Publishers can access the DGS by registering each website they intend to serve demo games on, with an option to upload a logo to include on the age verification gateway.

Demo games codes can be exported by studio or in bulk and must be embedded on registered websites (they won’t work anywhere else).

First Look Games offers a FREE API, further enhancing our product suite as the ultimate marketing platform for publishers and game studios.

Publishers can connect to our API, pulling new and existing game information, game KPIs and F2P demo game links to automatically create base reviews on their affiliate portals – helping them build immediate authority and boosting performance of their content.

Access to the API is for registered First Look Games publishers only.

Note: Rhe First Look Games is currently offline pending some upgrades. Watch this space for updates.

Frequently Asked Questions

Questions & Answers

Here are some Publishers related FAQs.

How much does First Look Games cost for Publishers/Affiliates?
We’ve got good news for you. First Look Games and all of its features are COMPLETELY FREE for publishers. Simply register an account, await validation and you’ll have access to everything
How can I connect to the API?
Users must be First Look Games publishers. You will find your API key and documentation on setting up and using the API in your FLG account on your API dashboard
How can I get Demo Games?
Access to the Demo Game Server is free for approved affiliates. Once logged in, affiliates select DGS Generator in their account settings and follow set-up instructions
How do I download marketing assets?
Once logged in to your FLG account, simply open any game folder and you will see an option to download all assets belonging to that game, or explore each folder to discover which asset you wish to download, then click ‘Download’. Alternatively, use the search function to discover the asset you’re looking for

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