Connecting Game Studios and Affiliates.
Connecting Game Studios and Affiliates.
Bill & Coin

Meet Bill and Coin, your shiny, dime-y, slot game companions on a journey of glitz and glam. Landing them 3 times in the Base Game is your ticket to a trio of money-making rounds. Choose wisely! Will you ride the Coin Track, where ‘Enhancer’ and ‘Collect’ symbols increase the coins which surround the reels and add to your winnings? Will you climb the Multiplier Ladder which increases with every win and spin, to a potential of 500x? Or will you go bold for gold in the Sure Win Bonus, where your baseline sum increases with every success, ensuring you’re always on the winning side?

The Super version of any of these rounds is where true wealth lies however, with extra Enhancer symbols and additions to the spin counter taking you one step closer to hitting that elusive 10,000x max win! Swing with Bill & Coin in this razzle, dazzle realm were spinning and winning take centre stage.

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