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Connecting Game Studios and Affiliates.
Temple of Tollan

Enter the realm of the ancient Aztec deity, Tezcatlipoca, in our latest slot 7×7 grid slot sensation, Temple of Tollan.

Players, brace yourself for a quest into the heart of the jewel-filled temple – where Obsidian Stones hold the key to untold riches. Beware, the Guardian God won’t relinquish his treasures without a fight!

Harness the power of Special Symbols like the Cross, which harbours the power to obliterate all in its path, or the mysterious Destroy ability which wipes out common symbols with ease. Equally, don’t forget the elusive Multiplier either – with the power to boost wins to euphoric heights, or the power of the Wild, gifting players up to six additional Wilds to add to the grid.

Behold the Free Spins too, triggered by the destruction of five Special Symbols – where four Guaranteed HP Symbols replace them. With Special Symbols and dynamic features galore, Temple of Tollan promises Aztec action thrills…

Players, enter the Temple of Tollan at your own risk!

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