Connecting Game Studios and Affiliates.
Connecting Game Studios and Affiliates.
Spark of Genius

Embark on an electrifying adventure with Spark of Genius, an innovative new 6×6 grid slot by Play’n GO.

Tess Jačova’s inventions revolutionise gameplay dynamics. With Gyrota, symbols strategically rotate, paving the way for exciting winning combinations. Tess’s Dynamo gives players control over special symbols, allowing connections from all directions to amplify the thrill of each spin.

On the other hand, Maynard Woodrow brings his disruptive inventions to the table. With Relay, players can obliterate up to 15 symbols, clearing the grid for fresh opportunities. Maynard’s Overload triggers a cascade of disruption, introducing Special Symbols to dismantle obstacles and increase potential.

In Spark of Genius, the clash of these titans shapes the grid’s destiny. Players must decide whose inventions will reign supreme. Choose wisely, spin the reels, and witness the sparks of genius brainwaves fly as fortune reels in.

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