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Beetle Bailey slot by Lady Luck Games

Beetle Bailey slot by Lady Luck Games

It’s another hectic day at Camp Swampy.

Private Beetle Bailey works hard around the clock to find a quiet place to nap. A military base is not a walk in the park and a soldier’s life is not all glory. There are duties and responsibilities. Help private complete daunting chores, get Wilds in the Wild Wake-up feature, and collect the cash prizes during the Camp Swampy Golf Bonus!

Let’s keep Beetle awake!


Beetle Bailey Slot Features

Camp Swampy Golf Bonus

Land the Bonus symbol anywhere on reels 1 and 4 to trigger the bonus game.

Drive around Camp Swampy picking up prizes and golf balls. Bringing a ball home will yield great rewards but beware of the grenades that will blow up your jeep!

Wild Wake up

When you connect Beetle and Sarge anywhere on Reels 2 and 3 you trigger the «Wild wake up» feature. Beetle and Sarge will have a fight, and when the dust settles, 3 to 6 Wilds will be left on reels 2 and 3. The two Wild Wake Up symbols will always be replaced first.

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