Connecting Game Studios and Affiliates.
Connecting Game Studios and Affiliates.

Lady Luck Games partners up with First Look Games

Lady Luck Games partners up with First Look Games

Lady Luck Games selects First Look Games to significantly increase the exposure of its slots among affiliates and players

Lady Luck Games, the rising star online casino content developer taking the market by storm with engaging and entertaining slots, has selected First Look Games to take advantage of the newest version of its platform and reach out to affiliates, operators, and players.

By becoming a First Look Games studio partner, Lady Luck Games gains direct access to hundreds of online casino affiliates and can share with them information and assets for its existing portfolio of slots as well as all future releases.

This includes game information sheets and marketing collateral such as logos, images and videos of games being played. These are uploaded to the FLG Library where they can be downloaded by publishers either individually or in bulk.

In addition, assets can be uploaded two weeks before a game is released so that a select number of affiliates can have a “first look” at the information and use it to create content ready for go-live which is then published in prime positions across their sites once the slot has officially launched.

Lady Luck will also be able to take advantage of a number of new platform features that were recently rolled out as part of the First Look Games 2.2 upgrade. This includes more options to manage its games and assets via a brand-new Studio Management Centre.

Key features include being able to announce any exclusivity arrangements it has on game launches as well as adding and removing jurisdictions for each game.

Other highlights of First Look Games 2.2 include a cutting-edge API feature that provides connected access to game and game studio data, presented to affiliates in a structured format. This allows them to automatically create initial reviews of games.

Julian Borg-Barthet, Chief Compliance Officer of LL Lucky Games AB said: “First Look Games is a best on the market innovative platform that connects both game developers and publishers. With their collaboration, we would be able to increase the quality and compliance of game marketing. We look forward to fruitful months ahead.”

Tom Galanis, Founder of First Look Games, said: “We are thrilled to have been chosen by Lady Luck Games to take advantage of the First Look Games platform to significantly increase the exposure of its games among affiliates and players. First Look Games is here to help studios maximize the exposure of their games among key stakeholders.”

“We look forward to working closely with Lady Lucky Games to ensure it leverages the full potential of our platform and services, and to take its marketing activity to the next level.”

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