About First Look Games

First Look Games exists to make casino games marketing more efficient and more effective.

The team behind First Look Games has been working in iGaming affiliate marketing for an average of 14 years. Throughout our time managing affiliate programs and working with affiliates, we learned that something was missing in the ecosystem we all work in – a connection between those making the games that players love and those responsible for marketing those games to players – affiliates.

So in 2018, we developed our platform and designed it as a one-stop shop for affiliates and web publishers to use to facilitate the writing of reviews and marketing content.

It is completely FREE for affiliates to use. 

For game developers we offer the opportunity to access our growing network of affiliates, provisioning them with the assets they need to increase the marketing exposure and accuracy of your game titles beyond the realms of their existing B2B marketing scope.

Our First Look Premium service enables game developers to significantly boost the traction of their game launches and provides affiliates with early access to the latest game information. 

Our game developer partners also benefit from more traditional B2B marketing reach through First Look Premium, with our notable partnership with iGaming Business.

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